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Dr. Carrol, I wanted to thank you and I know my family thanks you as well for being my doctor at a time in need. Without your help I wouldn't be here to celebrate the holidays with my family. I know that you will always be in mine and my family's hearts are prayers. So, thank you again for giving me my life back.

- Kristina M.

Dear Dr. Carroll, I'm not sure you'll remember me but I became your patient in early 2002. I was referred by a doctor at UMC on Sahara and Fort Apache and had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I felt he'd given me a death sentence: "Yup, you have Hep C. Did you know more people will die of Hep C than of AIDS?" Needless to say, when I came to see you I was feeling pretty distraught. You not only lessened the blow but you gave me hope. Then you reassessed the results and followed up with a Liver Dexa Scan, a Colonoscopy and a Liver Biopsy. When you and I began our "partnership", my RNA PCR Quant was 812,000. The information and counseling you provided allowed me to merely continue with periodic checkups and procedures until late 2006, when we seriously discussed symptoms and treatment. I started treatment with your supervision on 2/23/07 with a count of 4,810,000. The first week was so easy I thought it would be a piece of cake. Then I suffered mightily through the next 21 weeks. During those 21 weeks, you were always there for me as I struggled. My husband brought me in numerous times and although each time we talked about stopping treatment, you always agreed to continue as long as I was able. When we all, you, my husband and I, decided I couldn't tolerate those awful side affects any longer, I stopped treatment on 7/20/07 with a count of <10. You warned my that this could be temporary and that I would require regular monitoring.

I wanted to let you know that now, almost 6 years from the time I began treatment, I'm still Hep C free. During the time I couldn't come to you, after the practice on Shadow Lane was closed, I convinced my family Physician to continue testing me every 6 months as you had recommended when I last saw you. Now I'm checked every year.

You were, and always will be, my hero and my guardian angel. I can never thank you enough for the TLC, patience and persistence I received while in your excellent care. I think of you often and always with respect, gratitude and fondness. I hope both you and your practice are thriving.

- Diana

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me over the years! Dr. Carrol, I can not thank you enough, you have always made me feel like you cared and would do anything in your power for me and this is a great feeling when you have an illness! I know that I could not have asked for a better doctor. Your staff always made me feel welcome. it is amazing that I have been cured of Hepatitis C, and know that if I had not had you as my doctor I may not have beat this. Thanks to your determination to get me treated and your staff's hard work, I feel like I was one of the lucky ones. I hope others pick you and your team so that they too can have the best possible care!

- J

"Thank You! My GI tract is so happy! No more antibiotics, no foul smelling loose stools. Your "little" treatment has worked. I have finally reached the point that I dare to move on with my life. Thank you so much!!"

- Joanna P.

"I am one of the General Surgeons here with the VA. It is my understanding that you oversee the GI providers and I would like to let you know about the excellent care Dr. Clifford Carrol is providing. Much of my ability to provide state-of-the-art surgical care to patients with colon lesions depends on the quality of the endoscopy provided by GI. Until now, the General Surgery department has been re-doing colonoscopies from GI providers in town because of the incomplete and often poor quality of the initial scope. For example, the GI providers have failed to mark (tattoo) lesions requiring surgical removal. In order to provide a laparoscopic colon resection, we need to know exactly where the lesion is and be able to see it. Most often, the lesions are not palpable (lesion is too small or patient habitus too large). I had personally discussed this with the GI providers in another group here in town and met with continued poor results. We were re-scoping these patients ourselves, providing standard of care by the American College of Gastroenterology's own guidelines, which for some lesions was repeat colonscopic resection and not referral for surgery. I have had many patients now who have received care from Dr. Carrol, and his work has been absolutely first class. The patients have received excellent colonoscopics with highly effective, skilled marketing as subsequent surgery has borne out. Dr. Carroll has taken time to speak with our patients and educate them regarding the findings on endoscopy. Our patients are receiving excellent care from Dr. Carrol and they feel like it. Strong gastroenterology helps us all. Thank you for bringing on such a capable provider." view PDF version of this letter >

- C. Jeffs, MD, General Surgery

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"Thank you! My GI tract is so happy! No more antibiotics... your 'little' treatment has worked."


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